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The FTX Clothing brand is a world leader for quality outerwear at promotional prices. With our own factories in Asia, we are able to supply major brands with outerwear under private label programs. 
Our vast “IN STOCK” program assures our clients immediate delivery for the world’s most current and fashionable outerwear at super prices! 
Please contact your sales representative for our current inventory selection and special promotions.
For wholesale inquiries please contact:
Head Office (Montreal)
9855 Ave De L'Esplanade
Montreal, Quebec. 
H3L 2X2
Michael Ballas 
Tel: +1 (702) 348-9555
Fax: (514) 382-6186
Joshua Hershon
Tel: +1 (514) 894-9696
Fax: (514) 382-6186
Michael Frenkel
Tel: +1 (514) 217-1843
Fax: (514) 382-6186
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